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From Under Floor Heating to Artisanal Pottery – Nelson Tile & Slate has YOU Covered

As the most trusted local tiler in Nelson, we provide a service and a product that is unrivalled in its attention to detail, design and material quality, and customer care. 


We place our pride and emphasis on long-lasting design that transcends fashion, design with foresight, capturing aesthetic beauty and material quality for future generations. When we begin the design process you will be greeted by one of our trade experts who will accompany on your journey to find the design you are looking for. 

After an expert consultation with our staff you will be provided with a free quote so that our service can focus on exceeding your expectations and not your budget. 

Our special offer to you and the health of your tiling project includes free quotes, site inspections and no obligation measure and quotes.


Nelson Tile & Slate Centre has associations with designers and factories in five continents, providing you with the fruits of 30 years of networking, research and expertise in the tile business. With this trade knowledge and expertise in delivering a superior artisanal product, we only source the highest quality in ceramic, porcelain, stone, glass and timber tiles, with designs bearing the finest hallmarks of European, Middle Eastern and Asian design.  

NZ Handmade pottery

Morris & James Pottery is produced by local artisans using clay excavated from our site on the banks of the Matakana River in the north of Auckland region, New Zealand. We share the same long term vision held by the founder of the company, Anthony Morris, to produce ceramics that will become treasured possessions, transcending fashion to take ongoing pride of place in homes for years, if not generations to come. Distinctive, quirky, but always unique, our ceramics are a wonderful reflection of New Zealand’s craft heritage and pioneering spirit.
warmup underfloor heating

Heating - Warmup underfloor heating

WARMUP offer a range of control options most suited to your needs. These range from a basic thermostat to fully programmable thermostats (with RCD protection incorporated) to a central control system for full home heating.

WARMUP undertile elements are free running elements allowing full coverage of the floor irrespective of the shape or size of the area to be heated. Varying wire spacing and innovative installation methods offer further flexibility.

WARMUP response time for undertile heating from activation is between 30-90 minutes (depending upon the substrate, insulation etc).

WARMUP undercarpet elements are encapsulated in a foil laminate allowing even distribution of heat. Individually packaged and bar coded, each heater is identifiable at any time.

WARMUP undercarpet heating has an almost immediate response time with heat being felt through the carpet within 5-15 minutes.

WARMUP undertile and undercarpet heaters have full earth electrical protection.

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